Friday, 29 November 2013

Parent Conferences, Tweets and Hashtags

Recently, I found a wonderful idea via Twitter! Someone posted a photo of parents filling out a paper tweet to show support for their child's progress. These paper tweets acted as a "ticket out the door". Thank you, Twitter! Thank you to the person who shared it!

Our classroom has an actual twitter account that is connected to our classroom blog. We like to share our learning with others. It's fun to see what other classrooms are up to from around the world. We decided to brainstorm possible hashtags for parents to use in their paper tweet. 

I really enjoyed listening to my students explain the purpose of a hashtag during conferences. Naturally, some parents were quite versed in all things Twitter. Others, however, were learning all about it for the first time! Below you will see our paper "Twitter Board" and samples of parent tweets. One thing to note - we weren't worried about the 140 character limit! Grab your copy of the paper tweets here.

Students were so proud to receive words of encouragement from their families. Now it is my turn! I will tweet this post from my twitter account. I guess you could say I am retweeting the paper tweets from parents. 


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