Thursday, 9 January 2014

Featuring an "App"-tastic Teacher

Elementary teachers in our school division have finally received 7 Student iPads to use in classrooms. We are all very excited! Although we have just received our student iPads, we have had our very own "Teacher" iPad since September. This has allowed us to get familiar with these devices, explore a variety of apps and become more confident users. 

One of my colleagues, Trish Richardson, teaches a primary Gr. 1/2/3 Multiage class at our school. Trish loves two things for sure - ART and COFFEE! It made perfect sense that she discovered an app called Percolator and shared it at a recent staff meeting. 

Mrs. Richardson sharing a "percolated" art piece.

This app takes your photos and turns them into fancy mosaics. They refer to this process as "percolating". Like a coffee perk boils water, this app produces different sized bubbles or circles on your image. You can adjust the size of the circles and add different colour themes. 

Trish took pictures of her students' artwork. Using Airplay, she showed how each picture was transformed on her Smartboard. Her students loved watching their art pieces being "perfectly brewed" before their eyes. 

Image Before
Percolated Image

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