Friday, 31 August 2012

New Decorations for a New Year!

Over the summer, I've been enjoying making several new items for my classroom. I've seen many crafty ideas popping up all over the web. 

I created a crayon wreath after viewing the blog "Moms' Party Cafe". The creator of the blog, Shelley,
provides great tips and instructions. I used a lot of hot glue!

I also created a "teacher toolbox" to help free up space on my desk. I was inspired by Donna at "Peace, Love and Learning". I like the way she added flowers and gems to the drawers. I decided to laminate the scrapbook papers and place them on the outside of the drawers in order to see the designs clearly. I found that if I put them on the inside, you couldn't see them properly because the drawers on my toolbox are slightly tinted. Here's the final product:


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