Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Go for the Gold

We continued with our Olympic Inquiry by watching some of the "We Are Winter" videos highlighting our Canadian athletes. I used a QR code for students to scan with their iPads. I wanted them to explore the 7 pages of video clips, talk with their partner and record their thinking using a mind mapping form. Students were highly engaged viewing the videos and recording their ideas. They came up with such inspirational statements that can be applied to life. What an amazing group of critical thinkers! 

Here is a collection of our thinking. These ideas will continue to push us forward as we reflect on our guiding questions. These experiences also allow us to consider larger questions such as:

1. How do people achieve success?
2. How do we achieve our dreams? Better yet...
3. How do we "Go for the Gold?"

You have to visualize and actually put yourself in the moment.
A supportive team gets you somewhere, but a supportive family and friends gets you anywhere.
Follow your dream. You don't think about anything. You think about the moment. This moment is your life. Go play your best!
Don't pretend to be someone you're not. Follow your dreams and do what you want.
You have to think positively.
To let your dreams run wild you have to have confidence in your performance. You have to be strong so if you fall you can get right back up. You have to practice with all your heart.
Life can give you medals. Life can give you fame. But if you don't respect yourself, others, the course and your coach, life can't give you accomplishment. 
The maple leaf fills you with pride. It's so lifting to know that you've got a whole nation that has your back.
You are what you become. You find your power in your heart. Everyone has a power. You just need to find it.
You made this journey to the Olympics. Now go out there and do what you got to do. Have the confidence to play!


  1. Beautiful comments!! I am going to share these with my students! Well done!

  2. Awesome job! I love the comments and am planning on sharing with my class!


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